Show Production

Two Left Feet Kristin Govers The Awkward Ballerina Performance

Photo by Kieron Yates Photography

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My experience with a production

“The Awkward Ballerina” is my first production. In just nine weeks, I got a team together to help produce, promote, and manage the show. I took part in workshops. We had a photo shoot in our living room. I contacted people to help develop promotional materials like press releases, posters, t-shirts, and social media posts.

Promoting the play

After my first run at the MTL fringe, we had another 2-show run at a local venue. Again, I got a team together to help promote and develop the show with a different twist. We added in a few more technical elements.

We continued using social media, press releases, and posters to promote the show. Still, this time we went in person to meet people in the community, discuss the show and its purpose and hand-deliver tickets.

Again, this year “The Awkward Ballerina will take to the stage with its French version “La Ballerine Maladroite”. And I can’t wait.

Two Left Feet Team Kristin Govers

Photo by Kieron Yates Photography