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Do you have a project that needs a creative flare? Do you need a weekly blog update for your company? Or a catchy information page for an upcoming event, service, or product? What about a contributor for your website/social media posts, magazine, or newspaper? You may have a great book idea but want someone else to write it.

Or you may need someone to read your material and edit and trim it. I offer ghostwriting and content writing services with an artistic and creative twist. Plus, I’ll clear out all those unwanted red and blue lines.

Why not reach out so I can help you add that little extra to your project?

Kristin Govers typing on typewriter

Photo by Kieron Yates Photography

My experience with creative writing spans more than 15 years, writing anything from poetry to short stories, articles, and now a play.

Before my playwriting endeavours, I was an editor for over six years. I had strict deadlines, and there was no margin for error. I’m a creative perfectionist. Someone who double-checks but then checks again just to be sure.

I’ve translated documents, website pages, and product information. And at the same time, I did some creative content work.

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