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Pregnant! And It’s Still Awkward!

In a follow-up to “The Awkward Ballerina”, this solo show tells the story of Kristin’s pregnancy journey.

What it’s like to be pregnant and living with cerebral palsy. A comedic compilation that includes getting personal with a toilet bowl. The unrelenting fluctuation of hormones. What annoyances come with impossibly long doctor’s visits. Eight weeks of unsatisfying yoga sessions. And the woes of having a non-cooperative body.

Show Production and Performance: TBD

Kristin Govers the awkward ballerina photoshoot

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The Awkward Ballerina

“The Awkward Ballerina” is a show that aims to spread awareness about living with a disability and the effects of bullying.

As someone with a disability who experienced bullying, I wanted to create a show that shares my experiences and inspires others.

In this true story about growing up with cerebral palsy and having to reimagine my dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, I revisit memories of my childhood and adolescence. From childhood bullies, high school crushes, my first singing audition, and soccer game, I navigate past and present, exploring themes like overcoming adversity, self-acceptance, and the power of determination.

A story that delivers hope and encompasses the value of kindness, love, family support, and the superpowers of friendship.

The Awkward Ballerina has had 11 performances in under a year at three venues.

It debuted in June 2022 at the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival and had a six-show run. At the end of the festival, the show was fortunate enough to be part of the nominees for Best English Production and Most Promising Emerging Artist.

Two months later, in September 2022, Two Left Feet Productions MTL produced the show again at a local venue.

Then in January of 2023, “The Awkward Ballerina” was fortunate to have a 3-show run at the Orlando Winter Mini-Fest. Thanks to Beth Marshall Presents and The Inclusivity Project (TIP Company) for producing the show and helping make its first international appearance.

kristin govers the awkward ballerina orlando fringe winter mini fest

Photo by Beth Marshall Presents

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