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Hi Friends! Welcome!

My name’s Kristin. I’m a Quebec artist, writer, and storyteller living with cerebral palsy.

I want to build a space where people can come together, create, learn, produce, and share their stories on and off the stage. And at the same time, help promote disability awareness in an inclusive environment.

The Awkward Ballerina

“The Awkward Ballerina” is a true story about growing up with cerebral palsy and wanting to become a ballet dancer but ultimately having to reimagine that dream.

Kristin revisits memories of her childhood and adolescence in her solo play about overcoming obstacles, facing fears, and reinventing dreams. From childhood bullies, high school crushes, her first singing audition, and soccer game, she navigates through her past and present, sharing her experiences, and challenges growing up with a disability.

“Incredibly gifted storyteller. A fantastic show. It’ll leave you tearing up and then crying with laughter.”

– Cat Preston

"She is inspiring and motivational in describing her perseverant pursuit of her dreams, all the while remaining honest and vulnerable about the unique trials she has overcome.”

– Ishini Fernando, Inspirations News

“Kristin Govers delivers such a vulnerable and courageous performance.”

– Erin Farmer Perrine

“The Awkward Ballerina” is a beautiful, moving theatrical experience. As someone with cerebral palsy, I found myself hanging on Kristin’s every word-reliving the pains, joys, sorrows, and triumphs of growing up with a disability. I wanted to laugh and cry all at once!”

– Michael Murray

"With her medical condition, a career in professional dancing was not in the cards. But Govers has found a different — and better — purpose on the stage.”

– Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel

Past Events

La Ballerine Maladroite Poster

La ballerine maladroite

Réalisé par: TJ Dawe

«La ballerina maladroite» est une histoire vraie sur le fait de grandir avec la paralysie cérébrale, de vouloir être danseuse de ballet et de devoir réinventer ce rêve. Il explore les défis et les triomphes de Kristin Govers en tant qu’enfant et jeune adolescente.

Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal


Let me help you find your voice, tell your story, and captivate your audience.

Creative Writing Workshop

Explore writing styles/methods, and create connections in a fun and inclusive space.


Copywriting & Editing

I offer ghostwriting and content writing services with an artistic and creative twist.

Show Production

Lets collaborate on an idea or have something polished and ready to share.

Want to read more from me?

Feel free to check out my blog space, a place where we can all come together and post stories. Just reach out, and we’ll make it happen!